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I recently sent this to Bradford Royal Infirmary


I JUST WANT TO SAY I am quick to complain when something is wrong but I am equally as quick to compliment when something is right – We had to ring 111 for Kristian (our disabled son) on a couple of occasions recently (Dec 17th) and they were quick, efficient and helpful, had an Ambulance at our house within 7 mins, the Paramedics were really good with Kristian in reassuring him all would be ok and understanding his learning disability, when we got to A & E at the BRI we had a wait of about 20 mins to be taken to a cubical ( yes this could have been quicker just bordering acceptable under the circumstances) but once in the cubical we were seen promptly and kept up to date, we did have to wait quite a while for a bed because we needed a side room in ENT so that we could stay with Kristian this took some time but still within the allotted 4hrs (just).

When we got to the ward (18) we were treated kindly and with dignity and respect this was apporx 1.30am everyone was tired and emotional, we were made comfortable and nothing was too much trouble, throughout our 24hr stay I have to say everything about it was positive, Kristian’s treatment, Keeping us updated, the dignity and respect afforded to all of us, for once I could not fault the treatment from our local NHS.

This will be going on my Websites ‘Learning Disability Hospital Support’ and to all the people mentioned in this post. THANK YOU NHS LOCAL FOR GETTING IT RIGHT FOR PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES AT LAST ! We have campaigned long and hard for this ! If anyone from NHS, 111, BRI or any other agencies want to publish this post please feel free. Credit where credit is due.

Thank you

Maralyn Alvin and Kristian Adey


On another note, I supported a young lady with Asberger’s Syndrome (in my role as advocate from Learning Disability Support) as a day case for her Varicose Veins being treated by Mr M (sorry I cant remember the Consultant’s name but it began with M) this young lady had been several times and not even got down to the theatre, this time we managed to get her to the theatre and ALMOST completed the procedure but unfortunately she couldn’t go through with it again. Mr M and his team were extremely kind and understanding of this young lady’s problem, they were patient and encouraging throughout and again I was very impressed and want to say THANK YOU on behalf of Learning Disability Support.

I hope you can pass these messages on to the appropriate people as I feel they deserve this praise.