Donation or Sponsorship Required

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It can be very costly in some hospitals when it come to Parking and Eating for relatives of the patient, on average it can cost £70 per week for Parking and £175 per week for food if you are staying at the hospital all the time like we did.

What we would like to do is provide Vouchers for Parents/Carers in this situation to help with these extortionate costs and alleviate some of the stress this causes, we need to apply for funding to do this.

To be able to apply for funding we have to have a Registered Charity Number, to get this number we have to have  £5000 already in the bank.  We are asking for Sponsorship or Donations to help us achieve the £5000 we need.

If you think you can help in any way then please Donate via Paypal you will find a Donate button on the home page or get in touch via email

Thank you

Maralyn Alvin and Kristian Adey