Things we experienced in hospital – good and bad

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Alvin and I could not have a hot drink unless there was someone available in the kitchen to get us hot water (which was not very often). There was a microwave and a toaster in the staff room but we weren’t allowed to use them – this was put down to health and safety.


We were offered food on the first day but the girl serving it was told off and said we were not to have any more – she said she felt awful because they just threw it all away.


Alvin and I went out to Morrisons to get food for ourselves – all cold because there was nowhere we could heat or cook anything.


We had really good friends who, when K was feeling better and up to visitors, made us hot food at home and brought it to us in flasks. They also brought us crockery and cutlery.


When we were in ICU and HDU we were on an open ward so when we needed the toilet we had to go down seven floors to the foyer.


When we got to ward 24 I asked the staff if family members could sit with Kristian out of visiting time so that we could go out together for an hour to get a break as he could not be left on his own. They begrudgingly said yes when I explained we needed to be there at visiting time because family members naturally wanted to know how K was and he couldn’t tell them.


Who would have done K’s physio at the weekend if we had not been there other than at visiting time?


I bought Kristian a toy meerkat because his best friend is called Alexander and they both like Alexander the meerkat. He named this one Alex and it went everywhere with him - to the theatre for his scans and x-rays – just everywhere.


Alvin was really supportive about the PICC line when it came out and I felt devastated. He kept telling me it wasn’t my fault. Alvin was remarkable all the way through.

Our best friend set up a support group on Facebook for us – this was our lifeline.

As Kristian was getting better visitors were really important for him – they really cheered him up. He knew he still had friends he could see and who cared as well as family. He knew the real world was still accessible to him and he was not just living in a hospital forever.

My face broke out in a very sore rash with all the stress.

TV cost £20 for 12 days, meals in the hospital canteen were £5 each and not very good.

The adult wards that K was on in LGI and the BRI were not very appropriate for him.

Although things went a bit wrong in the BRI too, it was not as bad really because they were very apologetic and nice about it unlike LGI.