Things to do before a stay in hospital

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To ensure a smooth (or as smooth as possible) stay in hospital it will help to put the following in place beforehand.

If your visit to hospital is planned (ie not an emergency admission), ask to meet with the Sister in charge of the ward and the liaison nurse for people with Learning Disabilities a week before admission.

Ask the questions you need to reassure you that all the person’s needs will be met on the ward.

If you need to stay with the person, then let the ward Sister and Liaison Nurse know and explain the reasons why.

Ask for the hospital’s policy on parents/carers staying on the ward with regard to food and drinks, also car parking. If possible get this in writing.

Make sure you know the number of the Hospital PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service).

Ask if the hospital has a Disabled Persons Personal Profile booklet to keep at the end of the bed so that everyone knows who they are and what their needs are. This varies from hospital to hospital – in Bradford it is called Closing the Gap and in Leeds LGI they have a Traffic Light Booklet, in other hospitals it is called a ‘passport’.

If the hospital does not have such a document then it is wise to write your own personal profile. Here is an example.