Letter from Michael

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LGI  Experiences
Both good and VERY Bad
Could be awaiting up to 5hrs to see a doctor 8hrs to get a bed plus 4days to decide to operate On Pathway but has finished up in A@E when admitted from Day Centre Given a drip in his wrist and waited for7 hrs before I finally got him to ward 24 ( we are making progress in this area)  Admitted on a bank Holiday no staff waited 6hrs  Finally admitted after 2nd day we witnessed a seizure told staff nothing done till late next day  He consequently fell by his bed on way back from toilet had several stitches Staff hover around the nurses station.

All the time he is waiting no water or food and also complaining of a headache  Is often taken to hospital when there is no need by Day Centre but we are wining on this one, Recently found out that there is an operation he MAY be eligible for  which would have saved 3 shunt revisions in the last 10 years no one has ever mentioned it before.  Sometimes no answer from ward 24 when we ring   He can be ignored when he is in the ward we cant be there all the time.

GOOD   When eventually sees  a Doctor they are very good to  him and things do move more quickly.  There are the odd staff who know him who help speed things up  If he goes straight to ward,   he can be can sometimes be seen sooner but this is rare.

His specialist is the best in the Country  but sees him once a year.  Thinking of going Private as he is not short of money

They seem very understaffed and stressed on this ward and I expect they do their best, who can tell

Needless to say we dread going as sometimes there is nowhere to wait.
All the best Michael.