Letter from Janet

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Hi Maralyn

A couple of years ago my son Brian was in Chapel Allerton having major surgery on his foot, I slept in a chair for a week and never left his side because of the exact reason you mentioned. It doesn’t matter that they cannot act/speak or behave as a ‘normal’ (I say that very loosly) adults, they get treated the same and are expected to speak up for themselves even when they cannot and staff have absolutely no idea how to communicate with people with Learning Disabilities.

I have also experienced bad examples in the Bradford Royal Infirmary when he’s been in about 8 years ago.  Fortunately my son does not need to go into hospital nothing like Kristian has to,  but its not a pleasant experience at all, right down to staff ‘forgetting’ to provide an evening meal for him believe it or not!!!  I waited and waited and waited understanding that they are busy but to no avail,  and because he was in a side ward at chapel allerton they forgot about both of us and they ‘russelled’ something up, nice one eh!

When he was in the Bradford Royal Infirmary I had to pull the curtains around him because a man in the opposite bed kept complaining to staff that ‘people like him shouldn’t be in here’.  It took me complaining to staff to ask them to tell the man to stop being so rude before they actually said anything to him, until I complained they just carried on letting him say it.